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Carragher: Arsenal Must Play Ramsey in Every Game

Carragher: Arsenal Must Play Ramsey in Every Game

Liverpool football legend Jamie Carragher admits Aaron Ramsey is one of Arsenal’s best players and the player must be a starter in every game Taruhan Bola.

Last season the Wales national team retainer often get sharp criticism for injury and is considered a player who has not contributed anymore to the Gunners and among the accusing failure of last season’s team did not achieve the big four because of his unsatisfactory performance.

However, this summer Aaron who appear shiny with his country in the Euro 2016 and then slowly continue to prove the best quality. Evident in two tough games when against Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion the player managed to give four points for the North London club on away games

Even Carragher believes that the 26-year-old is the key to the current Arsenal team and has the potential to do what Frank Lampard used to do.

“Aaron Ramsey should always get into Arsenal’s first team because he is one of their best players,” Carragher told the media.

“He scored two goals in victory in the FA Cup final and also the Community Shield but does the role fit him in midfield ?.

“When he played that role, he actually did not do anything different than what we’ve seen from Aaron.

“He really likes the match, so he’s a player like that.

“If you say the midfielder is the position he plays if you like, but he will never be a defensive midfielder.

“He just wants to run, he wants to get into the penalty box. At halftime you see the coach and say do you have a player like Ramsey, where you can put it in your team ?.

“He played it in this role tonight but if on the front line he has Mesut Ozil, he has Alexis Sanchez. Then how can you utilize it all ?.

“I always thought that Ramsey would be the best even though he was brilliant in his role with Wales, in fact in the role we see Frank Lampard play in Chelsea where there is a three-man midfield, you have a midfield midfielder and he is one of those can enter the penalty box area.

“Because he can get to the penalty box so he can score goals, that’s what he did.”

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