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Drinkwater Say Thanks to Leicester

Drinkwater Say Thanks to Leicester

Chelsea’s new recruit, Danny Drinkwater is very grateful to the people involved in Leicester City Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Speech given by the 28-year-old player, because The Foxes has raised his name in the world of football since moving from Manchester United in 2012 ago, which at the same time will not make him just like him.

Because two years ago the player managed to give the English League title under the direction of Claudio Ranieri at that time. Where with its success then make it also can strengthen the British national team and then the name Drinkwater increasingly known among lovers of football.

Even with his game of consistency then the Blues are interested in bringing him into the transfer market this summer and the West London club’s big interest in 2016-2017 competition Danny was able to bring Leicester through to the Champions League quarter-finals, so Antonio Conte believes the energetic midfielder could be fresh winds for the next four years at Stamford Bridge.

“This is a great five years in my life where Leicester has already given it to me,” Drinkwater told the media.

“Where of course I will always be grateful to the owners of clubs, fans, my teammates and all the staff who have been coming and going for the past five years,”

“To achieve what we do together is a wonderful thing, the safe will stay with me forever. I think as long as it does not always run smoothly for me.

“Where I experienced some ups and downs early on, but people are trapped by me and I never forget.

“It’s a tough decision to go, but I think it’s the right time. When you feel what we achieve together, it leaves you second. You want to experience it as much as you can and it feels like an opportunity for me to chase it back.

“You do not know when such an opportunity can happen again, so for me I have to accept it.”

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